J&J Vaccine

2021.10.21 01:43 Isomil J&J Vaccine

Well… being forced to vaccinate by my employer despite having already recovered from COVID. Does anyone know of a place around here where I can pay the tech $200, they empty the vaccine in the sink/trash, and act like they injected me? Would drive a good ways for it.
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2021.10.21 01:43 adbot-01 Hello. My lawn is better and I won't be sucking your dick.

Hello. I am Eren Yeager from world renowned anime and manga “Attack on Titan” as the yankees call it. While your offer is enticing, I will not be sucking your self-proclaimed “giant” dick. That would be gay and soy-inducing which is not the kind of man I am. Sure, I’ll grab my homies ass from time-to-time, maybe even give him a kiss on the forehead goodnight, but performing oral sex on someone I’ve never met before? Preposterous.
The claim about my lawn is simply incorrect. My lawn is in impeccable condition. I make sure all of the blades of grass are of equal length, I trim my hedges in the shape of me, and I even water and plant my own flowers. My guess as to why you would make such a claim without even knowing me or my lawn is because your lawn is shit, and you are projecting your insecurities upon me. Of course, if that isn’t the case I would love to be proven wrong, but I doubt that is possible given the size and girth of my cock.
And then you proceed to claim that I am a “bitch”. As a former bitch I know how bitch-boys act, and I can confidently say that I am NOT a bitch-boy. Based on your username and bio I think the only “bitch” here is you, as liking “strawberry milk” is just about the gayest thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.
And then you top off this post by writing that the sentence above rhymes, when it doesn’t even rhyme, dumbass.
In conclusion, I’m simply better. Cry.
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2021.10.21 01:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - The smartest women among the zodiac signs | Times of India

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2021.10.21 01:43 roadtomf 21 [F4A] Acacia Estates

curious if anyone lives within the area? i’m gonna be staying there and idk anyone haha :( pls hmu and we can meet each other soon!! if not just be around taguig and we can have friendly dates
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2021.10.21 01:43 Randum__ Constency pays off just continue to post! 🔥

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2021.10.21 01:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Vaginal bleaching is a trend! | Times of India

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2021.10.21 01:43 IRLSinisteR Contacting BOI Abroad

Lads and lasses, I haven't lived in Ireland for several years and after looking at an e-mail inbox I haven't used in a very, very long time I noticed that I received an e-mail today saying my statement was available on 365Online. Lo and behold, I try to log in and in order to reset your ID for 365Online you need to send a text to a number from the registered device on the account which I, obviously, don't have.
No doubt the snakes have been charging me stamp duty for years now. Any idea how I contact them? Their phone number is only available during Irish working hours (middle of the night for me) and I tried calling their "365 helpline" and the only options I have are self-serve which I clearly can't do as I don't have any of my details.

I just want to close my account and pay off however many years of stamp duty have no doubt been applied. I've e-mailed contactus @ boi.com as a starting point. Is that the only option left to me other than to stay up and (I assume) wait hours for someone to answer the phone to probably not be able to identify me anyway?
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2021.10.21 01:43 Ok-Armadillo-6648 Triss romance weird signal scene

Two guys on a ship where trying to decipher a code while triss and geralt were having sexy times the code was hkablr ? What is that ? Can’t find it on google at all, any guesses?
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2021.10.21 01:43 cowhiderugsale Large Black SP Cow Skin 7' x 8' SP-12-121 https://t.co/a41bblLf4m #Cowhides #SaltandPepperCowhides #Natural #SaltandPepper https://t.co/MEox3mUc4q

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2021.10.21 01:43 RLCD-Bot [Purple Merc] [Merc: Gotham's Finest] [Joker] [Cruze]

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2021.10.21 01:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Best looks from Parmish-Geet's pre-wedding | Times of India

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2021.10.21 01:43 FearMyBlades Someone said they're tired of meta loadouts, give this one a try

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2021.10.21 01:43 Slevin123sins [H][US][Hyjal] AotC focused,1 night raiding 10/10N 9/10H SoD

About Us:
Infinitus was formed by a group of ex-Mythic raiders looking to continue raiding without having to commit so much time. Most of our Officers and core Raiders have family/work commitments that limit play time, so we strive to be as time efficient as possible. We completed our first tier as a guild and achieved our goal of getting AotC!
Raid Schedule:
Thursday: Main Raid
• 8:00 PM to 10:30 PST (9-11:30 PM MST, 10-12:30 AM CST, 11-1:30 AM EST)
Alt raids, M+ nights, RBGs and other optional events are scheduled in our Discord events channel.
Because we only raid once a week, we have to use our time wisely. We expect everyone to come prepared and on time. By being prepared not only for we mean coming with your own personal consumable/gems/enchants but also knowing the fights and how to play your class as well.
We supply flasks and feasts but it is up to you to come with any other consumables you want to use.
We are basically looking for good people!
These are the classes that would help balance our raid team but we’re always looking to improve our raid team with exceptional players. So if your class is not listed don’t be afraid to send us a message!
• Ranged DPS: Any
• Melee DPS: Demon Hunter, Windwalker Monk, Arms Warrior, Enhancement Shaman
• Healer: Shaman or Druid
Socials and casuals are welcome, we want to grow our community! We’d like to get more active players looking for PvP, and M+ content that may not have time to raid currently.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you like what you’ve read so far send us a message to learn more about us!
Contact Info:
Guild Master - Sargo
• Discord: Sargo#9853
• BNet: Sargø#1514
Noted Nice Guy - Slevinsins
• Discord: Slevinsins#4755
• BNet: Slevin#1674
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2021.10.21 01:43 HotaruShidareSama egg👕irl

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2021.10.21 01:43 browniesjuic3r I cheated in an online exam.

Last 2 week ago I had my biology midterms and it had MCQ + Critical Thinking + Essay questions. All was going well as I had prepared for it. Until it came to the critical thinking question, out of which I couldn't answer one of it. So I decided to Google it up. This morning, our lecturer gave out our marks and I got an A (83%). She then proceeded to say that she knew 3 students who cheated and asked us to confess or there's gonna be heavy consequences. I messaged her directly and told her there was one question which I googled. She thanked me for being honest and gave 0% for THAT SPECIFIC QUESTION. Other lecturers would have failed the entire paper. She showed me mercy in which I felt I shouldn't deserve. And now, I promised myself never to cheat ever again. But I couldn't help but feel remorse and and I hated myself because I tarnished my own reputation. I feel like such a dirty person. Once a cheat, forever a cheat in the eyes of others. I know this is inevitable. But deep down I know one thing and that is I'm a cheat no more.
Ps: when I get back to campus once the pandemic has eased up, I don't know how to face that lecturer. I thought of buying her flower or maybe chocolate, but as I said; that wouldn't change anything, I'm forever a cheat in her eyes.
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2021.10.21 01:43 chiefholder_II Least hypocritical azeri

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2021.10.21 01:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Six ingredients of great novels | Times of India

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2021.10.21 01:43 BunnyDragonDan one shot is dumb

yeah you can say its good but i just had the worst 3 runs in my entire daily challenge play. so first game i got accidentally shot with ch-a so i did not think much of it then on the 2nd game a dude who was kicked for killing his entire squad was there they said it was due to cross fire people running into his bullets. i just said ok and we went then he kills our teammate in the underground sewers i think and did not look accidental. but the other guy just said "i guess i looked like a cop" and asked for a replay once we finish. the man shoots both of us at the end. his user was something along the lines of XTREAM. so i gave up and joined a op match since i dont wanna get killed again.
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2021.10.21 01:43 David_25_08 Welp bois,i did it

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2021.10.21 01:43 After-Pizza7806 🐕 MiniCuteDoge 📈 | Just Launched | Next BabyDoge | 🚀 Highest Holder Rewards Ever ✅ | BuyBack Function 💯| BSC GEM 💎|

Have you missed the BabyDoge or MiniDoge moonshot? Then this is your opportunity to go to the moon! Don’t miss out! Potential 1000x MoonShoot!
All holders of Mini Cute Doge will earn more tokens just for holding Mini Cute Doge coins in your wallet.
Watch the amount of Mini Cute Doge grow in your wallet as all holders automatically receive a 3% fee from every transaction.
The community receives more Mini Cute Doge coins from the fees generated by each transaction.
Join our Community and help donate to Animal Shelters worldwide. Together we can help animals find their new safe family who will love them.
Community will vote and decide on which charities to contribute to. Charity donations will be made from the Marketing wallet!
🔥 Tokenomics 🔥

✅ Tax Fee :
✅ How will the team increase the price?
Explosive Marketing. From Poocoin Ads to promotions with huge influencers on multiple platforms. With a clear end goal, to reach a 1B market cap.
Contract: 0xe169c3e1c1bf37ea99d87371b3f4e7da92e1c8cf
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xe169c3e1c1bf37ea99d87371b3f4e7da92e1c8cf
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xe169c3e1c1bf37ea99d87371b3f4e7da92e1c8cf#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xBC3B2a67610a78bF16d22983A8E572950278BF20
Highest BuyBack - Highest Holders Rewards - Unlimited Marketing Funds
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2021.10.21 01:43 SurfWyoming I have an old gen 1 Cloudkey and 2 security gateways. Can I repurpose these for anything?

I upgraded my church to a UDM-Pro and now I have an old gen1 cloudkey and 2 security gateways (one went bad) just sitting around. Is there anything I can do with these even if its not Unifi related?
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2021.10.21 01:43 onemorepop Funko Dorbz: Batman 75th Colorways Action Figure, Orange

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2021.10.21 01:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Why Korean women DON'T gain weight | Times of India

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2021.10.21 01:43 lrrkr I am indifferent to diversity

If I'm in a social or work situation that lacks diversity I don't care or feel ashamed. I think the obsession with diversity and inclusion is extreme and unhealthy for everybody.
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2021.10.21 01:43 Eldyaitch Mac or Windows?

I'm interested in getting the new MacBook Pro for Computer Science (WGU classes, and later career). I've heard the MacBook is the most popular choice for software engineers. Is this true? Supporting opinions mention something about losing file extensions with Windows, Mac uses Unix, and overall computational synergy with a MacBook. I own an Android and grew up using Windows computers. However, I want to get an appropriate laptop for the workload of typical computer science stuff.
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