"what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now..."

2021.10.21 01:49 hbicofhbic "what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now..."

Since BB is coming out soon I thought we could analyse the lyrics before the official release!
We all know the cryptic description of the songs. Can anyone piece together the storyline? Here's my attempt, and these are only my interpretations of these songs:
Disclaimer: I'm aware most of these songs were written years ago, so this narrative is more based on LDR's comments that this album tells a linear story, but maybe the tracklist is not sequenced properly. But IIRC she said something about the first three songs shared (BB, WW and TB) being "the beginning". So the start seems to be with the BLM protests, due to Text Book's lyrics (and it being the opening track, too). And BB being the second track as well seems to hint towards that too. I think this doesn't need to be a literal story in the sense that even though I'm creating a linear story through the lyrics, these are maybe more metaphorical feelings in some cases. For example the "what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now" is a phrase that's used in the context of addiction and substance abuse, so maybe the men referred to in her songs are actually a reference to addiction instead. But also, maybe not. Maybe the songs written years ago were about past experiences, but she put them in now either because she lived similar things again, or because the emotions/feelings they express matched how she was feeling.
Overall story: Starts with "Question for the Culture" and ends now, with elements of the past sprinkled in as well. Overall, the narrative to me seems to be that the quarantine allowed LDR to reassess her life, her desires, her priorities and to accept that she had a lot of baggage but that she could also make the changes she needed in her life to love herself and be happy. So it starts with her trying to be happy in the past, before her being disillusioned/realising some of the toxic influences in her life, then turning her back on those experiences and finally, looking towards what she actually wants from the future, which seems to be motherhood?
Text Book: About meeting a man around a similar period to the black lives matter protests, being reminded of her father by that man, feeling safe in that relationship, while also reflecting on all the ways in which she was broken from her past. There is an idealistic nature to the lyrics here: either she has finally met her match, and this song is actually also set in the "now", or it's the illusion of a perfect love, where the man seems perfect for her but she will soon find out the relationship is wrong for her.
Blue Banisters: A man makes promises to LDR that he will build something permanent with her, and she's scared because she was told that the price of her success would be happiness. But she wants to believe the man, until he never returns. What LDR discovers is that she isn't as alone as she thought she was because her "sisters" are there to help her paint her banisters green and grey. But also it doesn't fully numb the pain.
Arcadia: This one is a bit more confusing, likely because she was confused for a moment during this period as well, between the breakup, the controversies, etc. The way I'm reading it, it's that Arcadia felt like home to her, like safety, love and happiness. A lot like her past relationships. But something soured, possibly with the controversies and she realised that she doesn't feel at home there anymore, and that she perhaps was never really welcome there ("I know I can't stay here"). So she had this fantasy of this glamorous LA life that sustained her when she escaped her past, and now that she has it she realises it's not everything she thought it would be and she wants something different for her life, so she's ready to leave now, but she'll always keep a part of Arcadia/LA in herself.
Black Bathing Suit: This song could either be about a potential love interest or a fantasised relationship. It's set mid-quarantine, once routine has settled in, she's getting a bit bored and lonely but also the uncertainty of the world is resetting her priorities and now Lana longs for someone to share her life with. She wonders if the man can handle her though because she's complicated, and she knows he's probably heard awful things about her ("He said I was bad"), and also because she has gained weight during quarantine ("The only thing that still fits me is this black bathing suit"). It seems like she's feeling insecure about love because she doesn't feel like this is her best moment (similar to Taylor Swift's 'reputation' album and the song 'Delicate' imo), but she is not giving up on hope and is trying to convince the man, or herself, that she is still worthy of a chance for love.
If You Lie Down With Me: This song feels like it's about an ex who has come back "once, twice, three times" into her life. Either he came back during quarantine, or her loneliness is making her reminisce/fantasise about him. The song is clearly implying he is trying to pretend he is over the relationship but she is convinced that can't be true because they've found their way back to each other three times. The reason I'm not sure this is a real event is because "If you lie down, lie next to me" sounds a bit like a request. Like "I know you say we're over, but we both know that's not true, so please just come back to me". But I'm not too sure about this one.
Beautiful: Either with the same guy from IYLDWM, or a different one. This marks a true turning point in both the album and her life, where she realises a man isn't good enough for her because he's trying to change her and make her not be herself, and force her to never be sad. She isn't ready to let go just yet, so she's bargaining ("let me show you how I can turn sadness into happiness and make it beautiful just like you"), but also she is starting to value herself more and understands that she doesn't want to change who she is in the name of love.
Violets for roses: Probably post-lockdown and vaccine era, where people are removing masks again as she mentions girls running without masks, bookstores opening, etc. The relationship from Beautiful has ended, presumably on her terms, and now that it's over and she's had time to reflect she has a new outlook on life because "Ever since I fell out of love with you I fell back in love with me". She realises the past relationship was bad for her because the man was trying to change her, make her do things she didn't want, presumably was interested in fame and wealth when she doesn't care about those things, and she wants a simple life. After the relationship ends, she renews her connection to herself, realises how much lighter she feels, and finds happiness in the simple, small moments, like seeing girls running without masks.
Dealer: I'm not too sure how this one fits into everything tbh. But to me this song symbolises the dark moments after a breakup – so while Violets talks about the happiness and lightness, this song is about the regrets she may have, and how she is angry at her ex. To me, Miles sings the words of the ex in this song, who has disappeared and is totally unreachable. LDR laments that she gave him everything and that he was worthless, always taking, never giving, and that she got tired of that. But also the question "Why can't you be good for something?" feels like she's angry at him for not being the man she wanted/needed him to be, implying she's upset the relationship ended because she wanted to believe it could be the one. But ultimately, by the end of the song, she's moved on and realised he was just going to be "high" all the time and she was better off without him.
Thunder: This one seems to be about a different man? Someone she has possibly not seen in a while, maybe a childhood friend, an ex, a former friend from LA or something. It's about someone who acts all tough and charismatic but she knows exactly who they are under that mask and she's not being fooled by them. She's expecting them to "just do it", whatever "it" is. Ultimately, from context and other reviews of this it sounds like the guy might be trying to get something started with her again but she knows it won't end well and she just wants him to go away "If hello just means goodbye then baby, better walk away". So for once, she's choosing herself over the promise of love (violets, instead of roses), because she's learned from the previous relationship.
Wildflower Wildfire: Seems to be about a new relationship where all her past baggage/trauma might feel like it's dragging her down. But there's an element of confronting that trauma, as if she's met someone who makes her feel safe enough that she can open up, be honest about her past (her problems with her mom, lithium, etc.), actually talk about what she's been through and how that's shaped her. The understanding here is that fire can burn (like it does in Thunder) but she is trying to find ways to control that fire, so it can be warming and comforting instead. This is where it gets confusing: it feels like the person she's talking to could be either a man or herself (as she's fallen back in love with herself). But to me it seems like she's talking to a child, which, unless she had a secret child during lockdown, is more of the fantasy of a child. References to "baby", nature, her mother etc. also seem to support this, the idea that the child brings her purpose, happiness, love and that it's "strange" because that's what she thought men would bring her and they didn't, and it doesn't feel logical that all that support would come from having a child instead. The reference to the mother is relevant because it seems like she is saying she promises to be the opposite of her mother, which would make a lot of sense in the context of a child. Also other songs like blue banisters talk about wanting children, and children are a theme throughout the album, with girls mentioned in Violets, etc.
Nectar of the Gods: I'm not too sure what this one is about either (yes I say this a lot). To me I guess it's about the disillusionment that comes from hindsight. "I used to dream about people like you, now I don’t know why", for example, can allude to those biker-like men she used to sing about and hasn't been singing about for a while now. But also the reference to California in the outro seems to hint towards her no longer feeling at home there. And the "I go wild and crazy" is both reminiscent of 'Ride', but also of how she talks about her mother in TB and WW. To me this is a contrast with Violets and Beautiful, where instead of changing for someone, she is embracing who she truly is, no matter how wild, crazy or confused that might make her seem, and without being ashamed of who she is anymore.
Living Legend: Was presumably written about a man that she loved so much he was her "Living Legend". But given the song placement, the themes of the album, the repeated use of the word "Baby", this could be that the meaning has shifted for LDR and is now harkening back to the idea of motherhood, and how having a child of her own could be her "miracle" and "living legend". Which brings us into ...
Cherry Blossom: My favourite track off the record, it can be read multiple ways. It's either a fantasy about what a loving, caring mother she would be to 'Angelina', hammering home a supportive environment, promising to always be there for her. It could be that this is a song written from her wishful perspective of how she wanted her mother to be with her. Or it could be that this song is about a child that she has lost, through a miscarriage (little ghost) or that she has accepted as being only imaginary in her mind. To me this song (and BB) are what makes it seem like the interpretation that WW and Living Legend talk about motherhood make sense, because also it does mark a shift between looking for purpose in romance to looking for purpose in motherhood, which does feel like the theme of the album to me. Especially since BB is the track that gave its name to the entire record.
Sweet Carolina: Since this was confirmed to be about Chuck, it does open a lot of questions. Here, LDR reasserts love and support for her sister through her "baby blues". The thing about this song is it seems to echo the title track, where Lana was promised a baby a year ago in the summer and the next summer the man never came back and her sister gave birth to a baby instead. So the track could be about how that nurturing side of her that she has felt the need to explore throughout the year can be explored through sisterhood, rather than motherhood. But it could also be that all the tracks like WW and Cherry Blossom are about her niece, instead of her possible daughter. But to me, the fact she was promised children in BB makes it likely she would have thought about motherhood a lot over the course of the year, especially given she then had to witness her sister having a child. Maybe this song also acknowledges that awkwardness, how perhaps Chuck was worried about relying on her because she knew Lana was mourning the man from BB who promised her a family and didn't want to make things weird with her having a baby of her own, but LDR is here to reassure her that no matter what, she still loves and supports her.
Anyways, this is mostly probably all wrong but I did have a lot of fun reading through the lyrics trying to figure out what this album was about – I've never done this for an entire album before! I look forward to hearing what everyone else's thoughts on the lyrics are!
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2021.10.21 01:49 DKrct Anyone else think these reward betas are kinda pointless

Lots of people are able to figure out the dps of items just by knowing their stats. There's lots for dps calculators out there. The betas are fun to mess around in but they aren't really needed for people to figure out if an item is underpowered or overpowered. Nerds can calculate that shit and will know how it impacts the game before trying it. We don't need a beta to figure out these rewards are underpowered.
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2021.10.21 01:49 Dyortos Easy-DIY over-the-head Headstrap for your VR Headset

If you own an O+ or any other headset that's missing an over the head head-strap grab a face mask, like the ones people have been wearing during covid and tie it end to end as needed. This has eliminated the extra pressure the headset puts on my face plus it's more comfy as well.
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Que opinan del movimiento zoopride
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To fellow readers of Nepal, I would like to get membership of libraries in Nepal. Can someone help me which public library to join that offers maximum number of books. Also, which library provides the best environment to study?
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2021.10.21 01:49 RED_SEBI EROTICA...

I wanted to testify my experience with Erotica, the first Madonna album I ever listened to. (the one that made me a fan)
The pandemic really hit me hard back in spring 2020 and thank god rupaul's drag race season 12 was airing!! Then came the "Madonna : The unauthorized Musical" episode. It was the first time I was in touch with a description of Madonna's story. Of course I knew who Madonna was back then, but I only knew some popular songs like Vogue, Material Girl and Like A Virgin.
Anyway, who do you think attracted my eyes and ears? Miss Jaida Essence Hall, who interpreted Madonna in her Justify My Love-Erotica Era. I was mesmerized and the track really stuck with me, so I had to do some research to learn more about this era. (and find the song that sounded like the track!! Which was Justify My Love)
I then began to listen to the song 'Erotica', and fun unimportant fact : there was a parody of the song done in a Christmas theme by a French Canadian comedian that my brothers always listened to when we were young (even tho its very sexualized in a comedic way) and it was only then that the song parodied was Erotica! So of course, I re-listened many times to make connexions with what I was familiarized with, you know, for fun.
I began to listen to the other tracks of the album and... Wow. at first, I thought it was always on the same beat the whole time, but it grew on me, mainly because of the well thought out lyrics. (Im still to this day finding out what some lyrics means, because English aint my first language so I don't get them at the first or 456th listen haha) For instance, Where Life Begins was one of my least favorite of the album, but when I started to decode it, I thought it was a clever fun song.
So, because I had much much time to kill, everyday I was going on a walk with my dog in a near field and forest and I was listening toErotica. I kept decoding the songs but also let them get to me and enjoy the musicality. I also felt that some tracks were letting me feel what I had to feel in the moment, and all the emotional stuff that was going on at that time, could just steam off while enjoying the music. Erotica made me realize so many things and led me on a journey rediscovering myself.
The album also educated me on so many things, like there is no shame in owning my sexuality or my desires. That sex is something so fluid that I shouldn't be afraid to discover. That relationships had so many layers, etc. I found so much confidence in me, because I always felt, for a long time, misunderstood as a teenager and so scared of exploring social relationships that go beyond friends.
Erotica also inspired me on an artistic level, I felt so much inspiration and power coming from listening to the album and wanted to exploit and represent the themes brought up in the album. Basically, I was in college at that time and I did a photographic project inspired by a book, a photo movement and I included Madonna's rain tapes. I was able to put in an art medium my interpretations of the inspirations I drew from Erotica. It became kind of a common artistic approach when I create something now (not only with Erotica but with other inspirations too!)
I find peace and like I am in my own world when I go through Erotica. I am in my own space, like the album was designed for me.
I was 17 years old when this happened and I can proudly say that Erotica helped me mature into the 19 years old adult I am now (sounds silly written like this ahah) I still have to grow a lot, but idk who I would be today without this album.
Thank you Mistress Data ;)
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It's pre-installed on my TV.
/uj Fuck Samsung, I paid $300 for this TV, let me delete the apps I don't like.
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2021.10.21 01:49 mnnjn 19 F4M/NB

hi all i am (currently exploring my gender identity but am AFAB) panromantic asexual (sex repulsed.) i am based in central/southern florida and i’m very open to long distance relationships!
a bit about myself, i love anime, gaming, studio ghibli films and cartoons. i play mostly on the ps4, not many multiplayer games but if you want to know more no harm in asking! i am currently trying to transfer from a vocal performance major to a pastry baking major because baking is my passion! i’ve recently picked up crocheting and i make resin molds as a hobby. very big on music, was actually very hard for me to choose between majors lol but i’ve decided that a career in music might not be the best for me. :)
i am african american and native american (my family is native to florida). my physical appearance, id say i’m a bit bigger than other people regarding weight but height i’m 5’4 :’)
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Hello all I have my CFA LEVEL 1 EXAM in a month and this will be my second attempt. I have solved 6 subjects candidate resources in which I am scoring around 65 can someone let me know if it is advisable to give the exam or alternatively best course of action
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Heyy! If you like to know more about Australia in general then hit me up! We can talk for hours on end but here’s the catch… if you don’t message me we can’t be friends. It’s that simple! 😊 Hope to hear from you soon!
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2021.10.21 01:49 feelbrick Wholesome raid

Chat was begging for ads and gassing this guy up about his hobbies and stream and it was wholesome to see this guy reading books get excited to have some time under a spotlight. Hopefully he’ll send wubby some of his art for the next PO box stream.
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2021.10.21 01:49 0neNut2RuleThemAll I just played a game with iiTzTimmy...

The title says it all - I just finished a game in Pubs with iiTzTimmy as one of my randoms, and I just felt like I needed to share it with someone. I'm pretty average at the game, and it was freaking amazing to be in the presence of a god like him. I was down for a bit and watching him play before I was respawned was genuinely one of the most fun and rewarding Apex gaming experiences I've had. The only part that was a little bit of a downer was that I had some serious performance under pressure issues because I couldn't believe it was happening the whole time lol. But I guess that was ultimately fine because it meant that I could watch him play. Anyways, that is all, just wanted to share with somebody that this happened. I've opened heirloom shards in the past, and that game definitely beat out opening shards as the most unique, rare experience I've had in the game. It was awesome :)
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