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2021.10.21 02:29 addictedtotrying (M4M) SAN Jose male looking to try cock

Willing to try head and more
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2021.10.21 02:29 TransAmLawnOrnament I understand you hate me right now.

Dear B, I know I took a risk by sending you that invitation to reconnect. When I saw you removed the things you said about me, I took it as bygones being bygones, and maybe we could start again. Honestly, I was hurt by your post about me. I feel that deep down you know the things you said were untrue, and I'm asking you to look into your heart and realize that I treated you with all the love I could give, and never took advantage of you. I never asked you for anything. I turned down your offers to help me financially when it came to leaving the country to be with you. I respected you enough to recognize you were too clingy in our relationship, and tried to establish healthy boundaries. The fact that I am 7 years older was all you used to play me out to be a monster, but all I wanted was to grow together. I cannot express how deeply sorry I am for the things I said when we started fighting. We hurt each other's feelings. I am kicking myself for saying no when you asked to try again, because if I had a few days to simmer after the argument that lead you to leaving me, I would have absolutely said yes. I was hurt. Angry. I felt betrayed. But I was a good and faithful man to you when others you dated were not. I'm hurt that you played me out to be a monster. But if you ever find it in your heart to acknowledge the truth, I still would love to meet you again for the first time. I miss you. I miss Canada. I miss your adorable little doodles and silly sense of humour. You have a place in my heart. I don't have you blocked on anything, so if you ever want to take me up on that offer, you know where to find me.
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2021.10.21 02:29 Maduranga98 බලන්න වටිනවා

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2021.10.21 02:29 crypto-246 Qualtrics Survey/Analyzing students reaction to stressors

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2021.10.21 02:29 Rich-Zombie-5577 More Nostalgia - Some of my Old Epic Collection

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2021.10.21 02:28 GhostPants0102 Bastard and the ending

I just finished reading bastard and I feel like I missed something. I’m confused on why Jin forgave his father and why his father didn’t try to kill kyun. Also in the end his mother was happy to see Jim but didn’t she try and kill him in the flash back. I’m just confused who is bad and who is good.
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2021.10.21 02:28 The_Golden_Alchemist Is that Klent Cark, Bizarro's alter ego?

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2021.10.21 02:28 aubreysmith23 Who are some best Customer-oriented Forex brokers in the US?

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2021.10.21 02:28 romain34230 Changement de nom de Facebook, mises à jour des Pixel 6 et objectif raté pour le Xbox Game Pass – Tech’spresso

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2021.10.21 02:28 ariacat_21 Something is missing

Not in a fulfillment way. I feel like something is missing from my story or my past, like somethings been blacked out with sharpie or erased from my brain. I feel like something bad or important happened, but I can't figure out for the life of me what it is.
There has to be some reason for it all right? The nightmares, the mental breakdowns over something completely irrelevant, the inappropriate ways I acted, the way I am now. Why else would my brain be like this??
There's something they're not telling me. Or maybe they don't know either.
Maybe I'm just looking for something to be wrong with me so I can justify all the pain and shifty behavior. I don't know anymore :(
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2021.10.21 02:28 miguelopop La señora buena para comer

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2021.10.21 02:28 cupidcucumber Do you ever get lost in the elipses of your thoughts...?

for example, today during the shower, I was thinking about something and then the voice in my head trailed off into an elipses ...I didn’t realize it at the time. It was like I stopped thinking for a few seconds and I guess visually all I would’ve saw in my head was:
You know?
It was like I was alive but brain dead for a second and it honestly felt nice to bathe my body and not think about anything. It just felt very primitive and simple. No language.
Not like when you’re driving and you’re disconnected from your body but hyper focused on your thoughts, u know? Cuz most people are like I don’t even remember how I got here cuz they think so deeply when they drive.
Typically, it’s the same for me while driving AND showering but this time was different lol.
I felt disconnected from my MIND. And connected with my body. Just moving the sponge across my body.
Anyone else ever experience this? lol obviously and probably or I’m just weird
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2021.10.21 02:28 blanketshadow 25 [M4F] It's a slow day. Let's talk about stuff we never talk to anyone about.

Hey. Got nothing to do today, so I'm probably down for whatever you wanna do.
Pls read everything before messaging haha
I'm pretty down to earth and chill so I don't think I have the capacity to judge you. No limits (as long as within your boundaries), g!

Stuff I'm down for probably is way more than what's on that list, so yeah let's do whatever lol.
About me: 5'7, 65kg, lean/fit build. Working out to burn all the food I eat. Corporate slave.
About you: preferably conyo af and slim/fit/cute, pls be interesting.
Won't reply to single word messages or emojis, pls introduce yourself and tell me a secret you haven't told anyone yet 😏
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2021.10.21 02:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Julius Randle provides big proof that Knicks remain his team | NY Post

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2021.10.21 02:28 Taelim Urgently need help with Uber Tristram

Created uber tristram and now stuck on Uber mephisto (Baal and Diablo are down) - anyone willing to help me (and not loot the torch)?
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2021.10.21 02:28 TailorGlad3272 City Council Meeting Notes 10/20/21

Today's work session starts an hour early at 4. It starts at 4 because the gods looked down upon the earth and decided that I haven't been suffering enough lately. Frankly, it's true. I deserve this. Thank you Councilor Kebler for the heads up in your agenda preview this week!
Link to Previous Post
Meeting Agenda
Notable items on the agenda:

Work Session Only started 5 minutes late today!
We're jumping right in with a quarterly update presentation with the City Manager. The work session today will focus broadly on two of the council's previously stated goals: climate and safety, but first, he's showing off the City's new Goal Dashboard, which I immediately bookmarked. It has a lot of cool features, including a sort-able spreadsheet of all the council goals and their status. It also lets the public know when they'll next be talked about in a meeting. The dashboard is going to be used both internally, and for sharing data with the public.Stephanie is here to walk through the Dashboard. There is a separate super cool dashboard for each of the council goals such as Shared Prosperity, Housing, Justice, and Environment. I think this dashboard is incredible! Each one of these dashboards has SO MUCH data. It works on both desktop and mobile. Stephanie and I both strongly encourage you to check it out.
Side note, The City Chief Operating Officer is resigning. A new guy named Russ is taking his place.
Environment and Climate Committee Shifting gears into the Environment and Climate Committee presentation. Neil and Serena from the committee will be presenting. The city previously asked the committee for an action plan. The council wants to reduce fossil fuel use by 40% by 2030, and 70% by 2050. The committee worked hard and talked to lots of smart people and local people (not mutually exclusive). The committee focused on 4 broad categories: Energy Supply, Transportation, Energy in Buildings, and Waste and Materials. After narrowing down the options to be effective and actionable, the committee has 6 recommendations:
The floor has been opened to questions.
Councilor Kebler wants to know about some of the public comment the committee received. Serena says that community input has been a factor throughout the timeline.
Councilor Barb Campbell thanked the committee for all the hard work and professionalism they show all the time. She wants to know about the difficulty recycling certain plastics. Neil says that recycling plastics is "further down the chain" but he would be happy to talk about recycling plastics later.
Councilor Kebler wants to know if the committee had considered issuing an emergency declaration about the climate. Serena says they've been talking about it, but they haven't done enough background work yet about it to bring it to council. There are more questions than answers about it, but it would "certainly be a statement". Councilor Kebler wants to have a work session on it.
Mayor Russell (who looks super professional today), agrees that climate is a super important part of the council's priorities. She wants the council to think about how to approach this.
Councilor Goodman is supportive of a work session. Could be done in January.
Councilor Rita wants whatever they do to prioritize making their actions impactful.
Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities Erik, the City's Lobbyist, and Damien from Growth Management and also Brian from somewhere are here to talk about the city's work to comply with the land use and transportation rules the State is making to address climate change. Significant land conservation and land use planning legislation has NOT made it through State legislature, but in the absence of legislative progress, Governor Brown has made an executive order urging that cities "act with urgency" to address climate change. People are in the process of developing state rules complying with this order. They want to focus on developing healthy, affordable communities. The new rules coming from the State are a major policy shift, and impact Bend's actions going forward. There's a lot of them, and it seems like there has been problems complying within due dates? This presentation is really confusing and all over the place. It sounds like they are working hard though.
Time for questions
Councilor Kebler thinks its great that we are having this meeting and that the City is participating in creating these rules. She thinks its interesting that this State proclamation is similar to the State's approach with HB2001 in that the state is directing cities to take action.
Councilor Broadman wants to know if we can avoid delaying local action. Sounds like no. These rules sound like they're a bureaucratic clusterfuck.
Councilor Schenkelberg wants to know what Brian meant by "engaging marginalized people" in his presentation. Brian says that there is a rule requiring the city identifies groups at a local level and engages them.
Councilor Broadman is not comfortable with the city taking the position that we are against prescriptive rules. Erik says we don't plan to be taking that position with the state.
Too many Councilors have their hands up and the meeting is now running 30 minutes late, so the meeting is moving forward after a 5 minute break.
Police Chief's Advisory Council Police Chief Mike is here to talk about the City's Safety, Health, Accountability, and Justice Goals. He's here to talk about Police Accountability. There are Federal, State, and County oversight measures in place to hold the Bend Police Department accountable. There is a lot of new legislation that they have to comply with. There is also accountability enforcement through Internal Affairs. If there is a criminal investigation, it is not handled internally to prevent conflicts of interests.
Councilor Perkins wants to know how the State legislation changes affects the Bend Police Department. They already comply with most of them, but some change in process is required. They are still working on it. There will be a work session about changing the budget to accommodate those changes in December.
The presentation moved on to Police Community Engagement. The department has a 20 hours a year requirement of intentional non-enforcement engagement (hanging out with community members?), approximately 2500 to 3500 hours of total hours a year. They have 1 full time Community Liaison, a ride along program, and they are implementing SPIDR Engage in Q1 of 2022, which will improve the department's ability to collect feedback. The advisory council is changing to include a more diverse group of voices from people that live in Bend. Moving forward they plan to develop a process for member application and selection.
Councilor Kebler wants to know what kind of members he envisions will be a part of the council. His goal is to have a 15-20 member council with a 2 year term. He wants each member to represent some subsection of our community.
Councilor Schenkelberg wants to know if we have a timeline for this. "about 15 months ago" No later than Q2 2022.
Councilor Perkins and Schenkelberg both emphasized finding representation within groups of people that don't have trust in the police.
Committee Chair Comments Mayor Russell opened the meeting for any Chair Committee heads to provide comment about the climate and safety presentations. New faces, how exciting!
Commercial Parklet Program Link to PDF about the program Staff needs some general direction on the parklet program. Tobias and Lorelei and Ben are here to talk about it. The parklet program was implemented during COVID to give businesses space to operate outside. The city would like to make the program permanent. They sent a survey to business owners downtown. Half of the businesses said that it had a positive impact on their business, half said it had a negative impact. Staff has developed rules, a handbook, and an application process for applying for parklets. They are looking to have the new parklet program operating in January.
Kebler wants to know if there is a cap for using parking spaces. It is 5%, $100 a spot. She thinks that if we are charging businesses to use parking spots, we should also charge everyone else, to make the city's position of "monetizing the right of way" consistent. Tobias mentions that the cost is the same as how much it would cost a contractor doing construction downtown to take up a parking spot. Businesses want it to cost money to make it fair. Councilor Kebler doesn't think we should be putting up barriers to businesses setting up parklets, since it helps make downtown more pedestrian friendly.
Mayor Russell says we need to wrap this up, she has an executive session to get to. CHOP CHOP!
Broadman wants a more targeted approach to the fee structure.
Mayor Russell thinks that the parklets have been very beneficial to downtown. She wants it to continue. She thinks that it makes sense to have a fee. Certain businesses want close by parking spots.
They're going to come back to this on the third of November.
Time for non-public Executive Session. Which means I get a break! Just kidding, now I get to proofread all my garbage.
Regular Meeting The regular meeting began as usual ON TIME with Role Call, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Land Acknowledgment.
Councilor Goodman Campbell is here with a houslessness update. The council intends on doing one of these every council meeting going forward. The city's goal is to house 500 homeless individuals before 2023. So far they have seen a lot of progress on this goal, they've already added 110. Bend will continue to see unmanaged camps until we have enough capacity to house everyone in the camps. The council's most urgent priority is to secure as many beds as possible before winter. The city is looking at acquiring another hotel using State funds. Council wants staff to give a list of potential sites for this goal next council meeting. The council will be moving forward with Requests for Proposal from service providers for these sites. Council asks the public to understand that a request for proposal for a site is NOT an indication that the city is moving forward with that site.
Speaking of the public, what would it look like if the KTVZ comment section, Nextdoor, and the First Amendment had a baby? You guessed it, it's time for...
Public Comment Councilor Schenkelberg wants to remind you that its against the rules of public comment to call out specific councilors
Consent Agenda The council moved on to the consent agenda Notable Items on the Consent Agenda:
The council approved the consent agenda, except Item F, to pull it out for discussion. Mike is here from Hauld Waste Management Alternatives to talk about it since it was on KTVZ last night. He said that they can turn waste streams from restaurants and other companies into other opportunities. Item F has been approved.
Envision Bend – Community Visioning Project Laura is here to talk about Envision Bend. Envision Bend used to be called Bend 2030, which should sound familiar to you. They've been working with the city since 2007. They've worked on several action plans since then. Their most recent collaboration with the city was the Civic Equity Project. Their board of directors is a veritable who's who of important sounding local institution people. She says that a new vision is required because Bend is going through a period of rapid change, which has surfaced new and continuing challenges. The pandemic was also like, a whole thing. The vision from 2006 is outdated. Bend residents are hungry for dialogue.
The project would start next month, and go through March of 2023. There is community engagement in every phase of the project. COMMUNITY OUT THE ASS. BINDERS OF COMMUNITY. They want to include as many voices as possible, especially traditionally under-served communities. They plan to produce a compact plan with a short list of actions, with indicators of how to track progress. There are 5 phases:
  1. Establishing a Framework November 2021 - February 2022
  2. Setting the stage / setting up listening sessions and outreach - February 2022
  3. Creating a vision, workshops, etc March 2022 - September 2022
  4. Develop an action plan September 2022 - December 2022
  5. Launching the plan- produce final document and support implementation January - March 2023
They're going to work with lots of partners, including the city, COIC, and the Collective Impact Bend project. She is here today to request support from the city. Ideally they would like the city to pay for half of the project. They expect Envision Bend to cost 175k over 18 months. They want 50k for now.
Time for questions.
Councilor Schenkelberg wants to know if Envision Bend could do ground work for the city. The city is more than capable for doing high level surveys, but Staff is so busy that its challenging for them to go door to door. If Envision Bend could assist with that, it would be very valuable. (Rita is on a roll today) Laura says that they have people on the board that specialize in reaching marginalized communities. She confirms that she will be going out to organizations in person. This may include hiring liaisons. They will be tailoring their approach for each targeted community. Councilor Schenkelberg wants to know if they have a budget for translation yet. Laura says they don't have an explicit budget yet, but it's something they can handle.
Councilor Goodman Campbell wants to provide small grants to community groups to do the outreach. Since so many of our community organizations are so swamped right now, this could be a good strategy. Laura says that they'll be hiring a consultancy company for this, it would be inefficient/expensive to tell that consultancy group not to do their own outreach. They will absolutely be reaching out to these community organizations, and they understand that will involve cost.
Councilor Barb Campbell is concerned about community inclusion. IS THERE ENOUGH COMMUNITY? The council cannot be funding groups that are not equitable. She is concerned about the leadership alliance. She thinks it looks like sponsors, but it seems like it is more than just sponsors, since the website says that they "contribute wisdom". Laura says that the leadership alliance is a primary donor. They're organizationally separate. Envision Bend considers them a Think Tank / Resource.
Mayor Russell says that its really important that we reach out to those community members that are challenging to reach, that they don't regularly hear from.
Before approving the sponsorship, Councilor Schenkelberg wants receipts from Envision Bend that they are actually engaging with houseless residents and people who don't speak English. City Manager Eric King suggests that they amend the motion to add a condition to see an equity plan before committing the money. Councilor Schenkelberg amended the motion as suggested. Laura Fritz seems thrown off by this. She needs funds to make the thing. Eric says that it'll be fine, they just need the broad strokes of an equity plan. The amendment and the motion unanimously passed.
Right of way vacation and Property exchange with the Bend La Pine School District Looks like the city had some property by a school that was going to be a street, but they ended up adding a roundabout instead a bit north, so I guess they now have to pay for it? I don't know exactly whats going on. The important bit is that they're trading land. You can read details here if you want.
Public comment: Nobody cared.
Council unanimously approved the motion to do the trade.
Public hearing for support of Progressive Design-Build contracting method for the Awbrey Butte Distribution Improvements Project What the fuck is Progressive Design? I really hope someone explains it to me eventually. It keeps coming up, but I really don't care enough to go out of my way to figure it out myself.
Gwen is here to talk about it. The project needs an exemption, which is why she's here. they need an exemption because there are several water systems that need to be in the same area. They want to do work on the water systems at the same time, instead of doing each project individually. Last meeting the council was wondering if they could work with smaller contractors. Staff is exploring working with a school to possibly make this a mentorship opportunity.
Public comment: Nobody called in.
Council unanimously approved the motion to okay the exemption.
Public hearing to add fees required by the implementation of House Bill 2001 to the Budget Russell is here to talk about the Fee Changes. The fees are largely unchanged. They are removing planning fees, all other changes are renaming for clarity.
Public comment: Nada
Council unanimously approved the motion to okay the fee amendment.
Approve right-of-way acquisition for a portion of the Wilson Avenue Corridor Project Map of the proposed changes Deedee, principal engineer is here to talk about the project. Wilson Ave was identified from the 2020 Transportation GO Bond for pedestrian improvement. The city is working on getting temporary construction easements or an acquisition affecting 28 parcels of land along the road for a BUFFERED BIKE LINE AND AN 8 FOOT SIDEWALK. Hell yeah, that's exciting enough to wake me up. Yes please, make that!
Council unanimously approved the motion.
Accept the Connect Oregon grant for design and construction of an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at the Bend Municipal Airport (BDN) David is here to talk about the grant. the application is in draft form right now, which is why there is a lot of TBD's in it. Bend Airport is the third busiest airport in the State. WOW! It is the busiest airport without a Traffic Control Tower. Getting an Air Traffic Control Tower is a priority for Airport users (more than 50% of users say that its the most important priority). The cost to construct the tower is $7.5M. If they get the Connect Oregon Grant, the State will pay for $4.8M of the cost. Having a control tower will dramatically increase safety.
He wants to address some of the public comments from earlier. He appreciates the email one commentor sent to him. He is interfacing with him directly. They are working with the state to make sure the application is as strong as possible. The federal government pays for staffing the tower. The traffic control tower only benefits RDA in the sense that it will help Bend flyers not run into their airplanes.
Councilor Perkins wants to know how the city will fund our portion of the tower. We have a 6 year financial model that includes the cost.
Councilor Kebler wants to confirm that the FAA will fund both Staffing and Maintenance. It will.
Councilor Broadman mentioned that the city has budgeted more for the tower than this, he wonders if they can do something else with that money. Its complicated. He wonders if its possible to recoup the City's costs from users of the airport. That is also complicated.
Council unanimously approved the motion to apply for the grant.
Second reading of an ordinance to prohibit the sale and use of fireworks Mary is here to talk about the purpose of having two readings of these ordinances. The city charter requires two readings. The second reading is largely a formality. Testimony is only done on the first reading.
Council unanimously approved adopting the ordinance.
Councilor Show and Tell Councilor Goodman Campbell has nothing to report except that the Veterans Village Tour was awesome.
Councilor Schenkelberg also thought it was cool, also the habitat cottages were cool. She rode an ebike for the first time, and that it is inspiring how they improve accessibility. She did something else impactful, but I missed what it was because I was typing. Its international pronouns day! A lot of in-person perspective this week.
Councilor Kebler also went on the ebike ride. She loves her ebike that she owns. They really help with hills. Having safe places to bike is a prerequisite to getting people to bike. She met with sunrise bend, a local climate action group.
Councilor Perkins attended a Bethlehem Inn webinar. She spoke in front of the rotary about homelessness. She's talking with the NLA about broadening membership. She also liked the Veterans Village Tour. The Building Inspector felt like this was the most impactful project they worked on. She wants to encourage people to attend the Bend Venture conference tomorrow.
Councilor Barb Campbell was able to attend the Central Oregon Commission for Access Meeting which was great. She met with Jackie from Core Land Trust. She knows what a Land Trust is now and has ideas. Veterans Village? YES! It was amazing. Go Volunteer at the Veterans Villiage. There was an MPO meeting about the North Corridor project.
Councilor Broadman is going to be the chair of COIC starting next month. The city had the honor of hosting 8 of the 9 chairpeople that lead Oregon's native american tribes for the first time in person with the federal government.Thank you to everyone reaching out about homelessness. Its great seeing the city rally around this huge crisis.
They just passed a motion about changing property by caldera road? I have no idea what it is, its not on the agenda. Why is this here?? It's 9:30 and I've been here for 6 hours and I'm tired.
Mayor Russell is sad she wasn't able to go to veterans village because of a covid scare in her family. There are openings in some commissions. If you want to join commissions go join some commissions.
Eric King says the city signed a letter asking the State to pause evictions in the State for people who haven't had their application for government assistance processed yet. There is a community building subcommittee next week. The Collection Systems Master Plan to improve our sewer is in progress. There is a joint City-County meeting on the 28th to continue to try and address homelessness together. There will also be an outreach event at Hunnel Road on that day. The city is in the process of updating their website. They are sending out a survey soon. The Murphy Bridge work is continuing as scheduled. They're hoping to open in November.
Why is the next council meeting starting at 2 guys? Are you trying to avoid me?
That's the end of show and tell. MOVE TO ADJOURN
Bend Urban Renewal Agency Meeting - Creation of the Core Area Advisory Board They're amending the code to create the Core Area Advisory Board. Allison is here to talk about it, but like me, and all people on this call, wants a nap. This is actually the first Ordinance that BURA has adopted. Cool. Check out the Ordinance here. The purpose of the board is to provide recommendations to BURA and the Council involving the TIF plan.
Councilor Barb Campbell, Perkins, Kebler, and Broadman are going to conduct interviews for the board in December. Time for questions. No questions. BURA unanimously approved the ordinance.
Its over for real now.
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2021.10.21 02:28 Anime__Isekai TV Anime - Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Official Trailer

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2021.10.21 02:28 passionofthedevil420 *Sad noises

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2021.10.21 02:28 romain34230 Batman x Fortnite : une nouvelle bande-annonce pour le comics

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2021.10.21 02:28 Alexis_Denken Stock options question

So I have options allowing me to buy some shares in a US-listed company for basically nothing (fractions of a cent). My understanding is that I’ll pay income tax on the market value of the shares, so if I buy 10 shares at $10 each I’d pay income tax on $100.
Now if I hold those shares for a year and sell them for $12 each, do I pay CGT on the difference between the cost of the shares and the sale price ($12 basically) or the difference between the value when I exercised the option and the sale price ($2 per share)?
I know I only pay 50% of the CGT If I hold them for over 12 months.
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2021.10.21 02:28 triggabrae Can I skip 3.33 and watch 3.0+1.0

I watched the original series, end of evangelion, 1.11, 2.22, but do I watch 3.33 and then 3.0+1.0 or do I skip 3.33 and watch 3.0+1.0? Thank you
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