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2022.01.27 04:52 LowAd6134 Hire Our Expert Website Developer | Ascuretech

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2022.01.27 04:52 BlackKnife_V68 Will the camera break if I drop my phone?

I love the camera on the phone, it's the main reason I bought it besides the size. But I'm worried that imma break the camera when dropping it even with a Otterbox case on it. And I have dropped it a lot since I bought it.
And this question is off topic from the dropping, but how do I get my photos to be such good quality? I have the good quality stuff enabled but I notice that the pics seem the same quality as my old xr (sometimes). It's hard to explain for me, like there's a grain in it, and I took a pic of my brother's car and it's just blurry/grainy and it was at night, where night mode never kicked on and I used flash, and no matter how much I tapped the screen it wouldn't let me focus on the car. But then I can get really good photos sometimes. But not all the time. I'll link up some photos to show.
And another thing is the lag, I know it's been mentioned before but during this posy me trying to open imgur it just keeps laughing and freezing my phone is doing more and more and it's upsetting as it's a new phone, thats very expensive. I also have Verizon for my carrier and it's supposed to have 5g but lots of times I get 4g outside my house and things barley load sometimes.
I know this is alot of stuff about it but I do love this phone and the features I love about it, snappyness with apps and loading, and great photo taking seem to be going away, and I would like to try to fix it, if any of you guys know how, and this is my first samsung phone.
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2022.01.27 04:52 NoxSyndrome Keep checking for those Shards…

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2022.01.27 04:52 prodbyvicious type beat youtube channel with free downloads | frequent uploads

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2022.01.27 04:52 Shenanigans7348 Weird suikoden lvl 99 glitch???

Im playing suikoden 2 for the first time in years. Beat it a handful of times already. Im using an emulator at 10x speed, and ive done this before, but this time something strange is happening. Im just to the point of going to the neclord fight in tinto and ive noticed a few of the new recruits im getting are coming in at level 99. Hoi, LC Chan, and Anita. Im assuming this must have something to do with the 10x speed screwing up something with the game...i dunno if maybe those characters levels vary on time spent in game prior to recruiting them maybe? I have no idea why its happening, and why with only those specific characters and no others. Anyone else ever have this happen?
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2022.01.27 04:52 Jeromus_Powelst Meanwhile, in March 2022...

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2022.01.27 04:52 Wooser_ [M15] Need a haircut, but out of 1-10 what would you rate me?

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2022.01.27 04:52 Shoddy-Passenger8774 Hmm

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2022.01.27 04:52 Batonniik he's level 502

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2022.01.27 04:52 dunirksa SnoopDoge - The music industry meme token with Snoop Dogg as the primary holder! Still incredibly low mcap considering! You don't want to miss this sleeping giant. Think Metaverse currency for concerts, merch, cannabis products and more. Ultra cool NFTs dropping soon!

For more information please join us in telegram t.me/snoopdogememe
or visit our website: www.snoopdogememe.com.
If you would like to see supporting evidence that Snoop Dogg is in fact a part of this project please check out that he is following SnoopDogeMeme's twitter account on his NFT account: Cozomo de' Medici.
We have had interest from some wealthy investors who want to moon this project, we are just working behind the scenes while the market is down on the SnoopDoge NFT range we will be bringing out, which merge Snoop Dogg and Doge, two very famous individuals! Think Bored Apes/Stoned Apes but for the Doge Character :)
We hope for SnoopDoge to become a widely accepted meme currency online and in the metaverses, to buy concert tickets, merch, in game NFTs and much more. We are also interested to allow the purchasing of Cannabis products worldwide using Snoop Doge.
This is a very exciting project with a very promising future that is extremely underpriced right now. Every sale contributes to an animal charity wallet.
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2022.01.27 04:52 M_RiGGz FPS drops and slight stuttering before the match starts and randomly during it.

Hey everyone,
Haven't played in a very long time and decided to just come back to do to play with my brother. When I was playing however I was noticing significant FPS drops at certain stages of the game as well as randomly while the match is still going. I notice it dips down massively before the bus ride, while dropping, and randomly late into the game. I'm not sure if maybe the issue revolves around a recent game update or a NVIDIA driver update (I'm on 511.23) but I'm having a difficult time trying to pinpoint it.
I tried; running it in Windows Fullscreen, regular Fullscreen, enabling Reflex Low Latency (on & on + boost), running DX12, running DX11, lower graphics settings, setting the game to high priority, and nothing has really solved it.
If anyone could help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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2022.01.27 04:52 ignant_trader China Weighs Breaking Up Evergrande to Contain Property Crisis

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2022.01.27 04:52 BornSceptic be advised

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2022.01.27 04:52 EuphoricTea3295 Some basic questions which are repeatedly asked on the sub

Lately I have been seeing some anger against people here who are positive or call themselves as liberated by nihilism. They are being called optimistic nihilist, existentialist, absurdists and asked to join said subs instead of being here. The argument is being positive or satisfied or liberated is basically creating some meaning. Some are asking this sub be associated with Depression as all this positivity is tarnishing true nihilism (whatever that is as per them). This also leads to confusion in the new comers as they think being a nihilist means not being happy or being depressed. Hence I thought to share what I have learnt so far by being on this sub, using some questions which are repeatedly asked on the sub.

  1. What is nihilism? ->The realisation that there is no objective meaning. To anything - life, morals, society, religion, universe. Its all subjective, man made for humanity's convenience.
  2. Isn't this realisation depressing (and hence nihilism actually a depressing philosophy)? ->It can be depressing. But feeling depressed due to loss of meaning, is a response to the underlying reality of nihilism, it in itself is NOT nihilism. So no, nihilism is not a depressing philosophy, its your perception or response that is.
  3. If there is no meaning then how are some people positive/satisfied? ->Nihilism is a realisation. It doesn't ask you to do something with its knowledge. What you do with the realisation is totally upto you. You can choose your "response". That doesn't make anyone a lesser or greater nihilist.
  4. But doesn't that mean you are creating meaning? ->You are anyways creating meaning. Some are doing it consciously, by knowing that they are. Others are doing it unconsciously, but unaware of it and somehow they feel they are greater nihilists than the others. Somehow, only positive or satisfied people are accused of creating meaning and not being true nihilists(whatever that is), while people depressed with the realisation of meaninglessness somehow think they are not creating any meaning, which is absurd (hence sometimes i feel even they are absurdists, albeit in a negative way)
  5. But isn't optimistic nihilism, existentialism or absurdism a thing? Shouldn't so called positive people join those subs as they are not true nihilists and leave the depressed here? -> Existentialism or absurdism are basically responses to Nihilism.(This has been possibly discussed on reddit a lot ) All three have "the realisation of meaninglessness" in common. You cannot be an absurdist or existentialist without first being a nihilist. Also, people who are depressed with the realisation of meaninglessness can be termed as pessimistic nihilists. They can also be asked to leave this sub and join the depression sub, but noone is asking them to leave because people are empathetic. They have been through this path, in pain and turmoil before accepting it and then continuing their life in the best way they know. You don't get to harshly judge their opinions and ask them to leave this sub just because you don't like them. You are spreading your negativity on this sub, similarly they are sharing their experience. Anyways it doesn't matter right? Its all meaningless anyways, so let them be.
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2022.01.27 04:52 bassdafishy Does Nintendo deliver games on release?

I’ve tried looking on the internet for an answer and can’t seem to find it. This is my first time pre- ordering anything so I’m scared it won’t come in time.
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2022.01.27 04:52 i_am_lagon Xbox controller problems

Am I the only one having issues with the xbox series with the xbox series X/S controller? I don't mean problem that are hindering towards gameplay, but just buttons on the controller feeling and sounding like they've aged 5 years in only 6 months. For example my LT button squeaks from time to time, my up dpad button doesn't work if I press on the corner of the circle to go up and left, or up and right. My left joystick feels like a rubberband snapped into place if I push it back far enough (no I don't letting it go and be put back up in the center) I mean as I'm actively pushing the joystick back, if feels like it clicks just before hitting the edge. Sometimes I have to press A a little harder, and on top of that one set of my rechargeable batteries doesn't work in it, yet they work fine in old controller. Is anyone have their controllers act like this?
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2022.01.27 04:52 Educational-Ad1746 Line Borregaard - ja nu tog I jo også på den meget vigtige rejse til Dubai. Håber det så var det hele værd 🤥

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2022.01.27 04:52 shinybluebeam How do we know there aren’t negative affirmations in regular music?

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2022.01.27 04:52 Rude_Selection_9961 BIDA wenn ich nicht möchte, dass meine ehemalige beste Freundin und mein Ex zusammen sind?

Ich (w22) habe es gestern herausgefunden. Ich und die besagte ehemalige beste Freundin sind schon seit ca 3 Jahren nicht mehr befreundet, trotzdem stört es mich irgendwie sehr, zumal sie schon ein Auge auf ihn geworfen hat, als ich noch mit ihm war. Ich hatte damals die Freundschaft zu ihr beendet, weil sie viel über mich gelästert und im Internet anonym gehatet hat (was sie selbst zugegeben hat). Ich war damals vielleicht auch nicht die „einfachste“ Person, weil ich sehr rebellisch, unreif und psychisch krank war (damals noch undiagnostiziert). Dennoch „flog mir alles zu“: gute Noten, Aufmerksamkeit von Männern usw. Auch wenn ich mit meiner Art bestimmt manchmal schwer zu ertragen war, habe mich nie gegen sie gestellt oder war unloyal . Heutzutage postet sie auf IG viel über mental health awareness und schreibt immer noch unter ihre Bilder Sachen wie „Since you left, my whole world shines“ Oder „2019- nie mehr will ich wieder zurück“ (2019 hatten wir das letzte mal kontakt). Die Vergangenheit belastet mich sehr. Ist ein Gespräch mit ihr sinnvoll oder ist das ganze zu toxisch, um noch der Rede wert zu sein?
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2022.01.27 04:52 dog_facts_2020 Women Pleasant Style Shoes

Premium women shoes
The shoe is so comfortable to walk in. Best shoe you'll ever get. True to size and wonderful colors.
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2022.01.27 04:52 RecognitionDecent266 She was a notorious hacker in the ’80s — then she disappeared

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2022.01.27 04:52 Wantingknowledge What to do about a coach who always puts me down.

I’m on the highschool basketball team, and lately I’ve been playing pretty well. I’ve been averaging 10 ppg over the last three games, all while playing only like 10 minutes a game. My coach has been constantly telling me how bad I’ve been throughout these last few games even though they’ve been my best. I’ll go 1/2 from three and he’ll tell me how I shouldn’t have missed the other. He never mentions what I do good, only bad. He compliments everyone else on the team but just finds ways to always put me down. I don’t have that high of a vertical but I’ve managed to make three layups in both my recent games, and he told me how they were terrible because I didn’t jump high enough. How should I address this
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2022.01.27 04:52 CriticalRenegade "No. Because you don't give us enough profit!"

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2022.01.27 04:52 getoutofyourhouse you an fuck idot,, Mozart is diead!!! 😡😡😡😡😔😡🤬😡

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2022.01.27 04:52 ZoolShop Love Horoscope For Thursday January 27, 2022

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